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witnessing psy realms

psy realms

The blog allows for a flexible atmosphere of representing and discussing works and collaborations with a focus on psychological anthropology, well-being, and suffering.  Take a closer look! 

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corona realms

We would like to dedicate this section to you, dear readers, and your experience of a historically unique moment in time. So we would like to invite you to contribute! Send us your thoughts.


Explore our collaborations with external projects!


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If you are interested in publishing your work with [anthro]metronom, we are featuring essays and book reviews engaging with historical and contemporary discussions at the intersection of anthropology, psychology, and psychiatry. 

We accept essays and book reviews on a rolling basis, and with a rigorous editorial process we are enthusiastic to work closely with authors writing from a range of disciplines and geographical locations.



Did you have an association while you were reading an essay? No matter if your thoughts went to a book, a film, an article or an upcoming event you might want to share: Here is the place for all external references connected to and extending beyond our essays.

As sharing is caring, we thank you for your share!

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You want to contribute to our blog or get in contact?  We are happy to hear from you! 

[anthro]metronom publishes essays on psychological anthropology accessible to everyone. It is designed as a platform where students, scholars, and activists are invited to submit essays related to current or historical discussions at the intersections of anthropology, psychology, and psychiatry. The blog discusses a wide range of topics: from suffering and mental health to therapies and healing, emotions and affects; from critical reflections on psychiatric practices to discussions of the concepts of self, personhood, and culture, or the coming of age of children and adolescents. The blog maintains a focus on cultural, structural and political dimensions as they influence human experience, well-being, and suffering. The blog is organised by graduate students at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Freie Universität Berlin and supervised by Thomas Stodulka.

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