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Bodies en Vogue

This project explores the approaching of the body, body perception and body practices of performers within the Berlin voguing scene. How does voguing embody and provoke a unique presentation and performance of one's own body? How does it empower marginalized bodies in defining their subjectivity and identity while experimenting and playing with it?

A film by Lara Langecker, Luisa Wagenschwanz and Lotte Barthelmes. 
Freie Universität Berlin, Master Class of 2020, Cultural and Social Anthropology, "Visual Anthropology"

A film by Lara Langecker, Luisa Wagenschwanz and Lotte Barthelmes. 

Wenn Cis-Männer stillen könnten...

...gäbe es dann Cis-Männer mit Brüsten und mehr Frauen in Chefetagen? Dieser und anderen Fragen widmeten wir uns bewaffnet mit einer Gitarre, zwei Flaschen Wein und utopischem Diskussionsstoff. In unserem Gedankenexperiment versuchten wir uns eine Welt vorzustellen, in der auch Cis-Männer und Väter stillen.


Vor dem Hintergrund des Seminars “CARE! A Psychological Anthropological Lens” (SoSe2020) von Dr. Anita von Poser entstand der Podcast mit unserem idealistischen Vorhaben konstruierte Gender-Rollen durch die Umverteilung von Care-Tätigkeiten gedanklich zu revolutionieren. 

Wir bedanken uns bei den Cis-Männern, die sich bereitwillig auf unser Experiment einließen und sich dazu äußerten, bei Frau von Poser und bei Anthrometronom. 

Authors: Julia Faulhaber, Sophie Gregull, Lisa Maier, Eva Steinberger



Review by

Mona Behnke

Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness reveals a human, highly subjective and intimate perspective on the experience of mental health and illness in the Euro-U.S.-American context. As the former host and initiator of Madness Radio Will Hall, who considers himself a ‘psychiatry survivor’, offers the possibility to share and listen to exceedingly personal narratives of psychiatrist survivors, practitioners, therapists, scientists, and activists who all have an alternative treatment approach in common. This gives the rare opportunity to listen to affected and involved subjectivities. Instead of biased diagnosis and a commonly used approach of “fixing” the biochemical apparatus of sufferers by medication, each of the speakers opens an insight into the backstage of life, personal histories as well as experiences with the mental health system – and finally a way out.



We were wondering: What could be a way to leisurely pave the way for some inspirational thoughts on the mind...?

and delve deep into the theory 

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