As [anthro]metronom publishes essays in order to provoke thoughts and exchange on trans-disciplinary approaches concerning psy-realms, we dedicate this space to initiatives and associations that brought forward critical reflections on concepts of the self and mental health, or tangle questions on therapeutic practice, and thus inspired and supported us.

Die AG Psychologische Anthropologie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie

fragt nach den historisch und kulturell spezifischen Vorstellungen von Selbst, Person und Menschsein, Affekt und Emotion, Gesundheit und Krankheit. Dabei setzt sie sich kritisch mit benachbarten Disziplinen (z.B. Kulturpsychologie, Transkulturelle Psychiatrie, Neuroanthropologie, Entwicklungspsychologie, Emotionssoziologie oder Philosophie) auseinander und

setzt sich außerdem zum Ziel, ein Forum für rezente psychologisch-anthropologische Forschungen zu etablieren.

The European Network for the development and support of Psychological Anthropology (ENPA),

is affiliated to the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). Anthropologists with psychological interests can get in touch and become part of a coordinated European network, in order to sustain and nurture teaching, research and student supervision in this area, as well as providing a vehicle through which impact on related public health policies can be facilitated.

Die  Gesellschaft für subjektwissenschaftliche Forschung und Praxis e.V.

ist ein eingetragener, gemeinnütziger Verein und ein Zusammenschluss Kritischer Psychologinnen und Psychologen. Die Website wird von der GsFP getragen.

ETHOS - Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology,

Ethos is an interdisciplinary and international quarterly journal devoted to scholarly articles dealing with the interrelationships between the individual and the sociocultural milieu, between the psychological disciplines and the social and cultural disciplines. Ethos is the official journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology .

Open Minds

The Open Minds network brings together scholars in/of East and Southeast Asia who share an interest in the diverse forms and uses of psychological knowledge, and in the interrelation of sociocultural forces and individual psychology. This network connects scholars whose work responds to the rapid expansion of psychotherapeutic services across the region, the global rise of the happiness industry, and the ways in which psychological techniques are shaping contemporary forms of governance. 

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