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anthro[metronom] collaborations

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Potsdam University of Applied Sciences (FHP)
Department of Design & European Media Studies

How can one use artistic means to research an object that is linked to one's own biography and contemporary history?


Students of European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam dealt intensively with this and further questions in the winter semester 2021/22, developing their own specific artistic research projects over a period of almost six months and eventually presenting the outcome as part of an exhibition at the beginning of April 2022 at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences (FHP) supervised by PhD Kai Ziegner.

Image by Kai Ziegner

Ferdiansyah Thajib (KUNCI Study Forum & Collective)

& Thomas Stodulka (FU Berlin)

Organized as a part of DGSKA (GAA) Conference 2021, this lab explores possibilities and challenges of representing the effects of slow violence on environmental, more-than-human, and personal atmospheres.

Image by Veronika Kusumaryati

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