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by Linos Ullmann

„Wrinkles“ is an artistic research about the process of ageing and its mental processing. By working with the material clay, it‘s investigated in a haptic way how age can be represented in its visual and tactile structure. The surface of the clay objects is rough on one side and smooth on the other. What associations arise when looking at and feeling rough and smooth surfaces. The surfaces of the clay objects represent layers, which as lifelines represent the process character of a human life. Each object, each wrinkle on it represents stories and experiences, shows the uniqueness and individuality of a life and defines ageing as an aesthetic process. The processing of the clay creates and symbolizes the shaping during a life. At the same time a value is attributed to the objects.

About the artist

Linos Ullmann was born in 1995 in Trier, graduated in Magdeburg with a bachelor‘s degree in Media Education and has been studying for a master‘s degree in media science in Potsdam since 2021. He works as a Ceramist with different objects, colours and structures and tries to combine these with his own biographical themes to achieve an abstract confrontation with himself and the environment.

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